Careers Board

The school is inspiring curent pupils with your careers paths! The students love to hear about the careers of Old Girls who have literally sat in the same seats as they have – not so many years ago.

There is now an LMX Careers Board in the school and you're invited to join it. The careers of six former pupils will be shown for two months at a time. So we need lots of examples to keep the board fresh. Different skills and sectors will be highlighted for students to take ideas from.

Thanks to Laura Sinclair (2003-2010) now an midwife, who will be appearing on the board – always keen recruit new midwives to the NHS! – and Esther Coombes (1999-2006) senior fashion and beauty executive at Hello! magazine. 

As you know there is a bewildering choice of career options after school and most of it is unknown territory. It is helpful if you can show how you arrived at where you are, and to briefly describe any changes, or even reverse turns, along the way. There is a simple template to help you, shown here.

If you want to 'Join the Board', please contact Elizabeth Henderson for your copy of of the template to complete.  Thanks for helping today's generation make some inspired decisions about their futures!